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Family Stories

Uncle John was an artist and a machinist. He was a great story teller. He didn't always listen though. Once Grandpa was removing the scent glands from a skunk and told UJ to carry them carefully away. Instead, Uncle John smashed them and skunk smell was all over the place. Grandpa was not happy.

Family Legend

Mom was a ringleader in a water balloon fight the swim team had one time. We were all staying at some motel and there were dozens of us having an awesome water fight. The manager comes up to Mom just as she hides two balloons behind her back. He asks if she can please do something about the rambunctious behavior. She assures him in her best adult voice that she will talk to the children. Then as he turns away, Mom beaned him, and the water balloon fight went on forever.

Family Tradition

Chris got hit by a speeding car in the school zone. It thumped him pretty good. He had a concussion and some cracked ribs. When the paramedics were attending to him on Wal-Triana they asked him what day it was. He did not know and said as much. Then they asked him what day tomorrow was. His response, "How am I supposed to know what day tomorrow is if I don't even know what day today is?"

Fun Facts

The first call to
was from Haleyville Alabama