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Family Stories

Two deer stopped in front of me about a hundred yards from the house. Slamming on the brakes I slid on the dirt road to a stop about ten feet from them. They stood there looking at me as a menagerie crossed the road from the other direction. There are pictures of the horses I captured another day somewhere on this site. Leading the pack was a low slung goat and a pig, I think the goat was chunkier than the pig. The large white goat that we see by itself was in there. We figure they belong to someone around here, but maybe they are wild? There were eight horses, maybe more. The four-legged crossing guards turned and went back the way they came. I was glad they were on the job.

Family Legend

Uncle John took Grandpa's boat out on the river without permission. Grandma and Grandpa went out of town for the weekend. Grandpa specifically told Uncle John not to touch his boat. Uncle John forgot to put the plug in before he went out on the Tennessee. Guess what happened to the boat.

Family Tradition

With Jack and Brent, I swam out to a sandbar in Panama City Florida. My cast was neon pink and green. The boys seemed tired so I let them have the float. That cast was full of sand by the time I went home. And there was a baseball sized hole in the heel of it from skateboarding.

Ancestor Birth & Death

Christmas Day Coale
Born December 25th
He died Jan 9