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Family Stories

Mom was about four years old and swinging in the yard when a wasp started messing with her. Trying to figure out how to get away, Mom decided to run inside and read a book. The wasp was thwarted.

Family Legend

Grandpa called Uncle John to the kitchen after Mom had been exonerated for putting a foreign substance into the freezer. Grandpa was playing the part of inquisitor and asked UJ, "What did you put in your Momma's freezer?" Uncle John answered that it was a form of hair grease he got because the Vitalis wasn't working good enough. Grandma and Grandpa exchanged glances and Grandpa asked him why he put it in the freezer. UJ responded, "It was too runny so I had to freeze it." "You don't put that kind of stuff in with food", was Grandpa's admonishment. As Uncle John went back to his room, Grandma and Grandpa broke into laughter. Grandma noted barely able to speak, "That's why there is grease on his forehead all the time now!"

Family Tradition

Aunt Geraldine followed Roger Whitaker around the world. She was a staple in the front row of his shows. He would say hi to her before his shows and acknowledge her from the stage. When he did his show in Huntsville, Alabama she and Momma were in the front row. To start his show, Mr. Whitaker said, "Hi Gerry!" After the show, Aunt Geraldine and Mr. Whitaker shared a conversation backstage. Aunt Geraldine was dying from cancer at the time, and Mr. Whitaker showed her a great kindness that night as he had a number of other times. His assistant later expressed to Mom that Mr. Whitaker was visibly upset to learn that Aunt Geraldine had terminal cancer.

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