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Aunt Geraldine took me to a charity dinner. Bear Bryant was the keynote speaker. I was a little kid, maybe the only one there. When The Bear finished his speech and some Q&A, he said "bring that kid up here." Aunt Geraldine walked me around the end of the table and The Bear pulled me up into his lap.

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I met mayor Ray Nagin in New Orleans at the train station during a FEMA evacuation. We were filmed by multiple crews from each of the networks. We talked a bit about the evacuation and the fact that he had said over the radio, "You need to get your butts out of New Orleans!" We were evacuated to Memphis on a nearly empty train and Mayor Nagin went to prison some years later. He seemed nice enough at the time.

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Took some photos of Butter Bean at one of Shaquille O'neal's Shaqtacular charity functions in Los Angeles. Took some of Shaq as well. Years later, Butter Bean came to my yard sale in Alabama and bought some antlers from me. The world is small-funny-place and Eric is one of the nice people in it.

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While working at Universal Studios I accidently startled Deion Sanders and at another time Drew Barrymore. Computer technicians can be pretty scary.